Welcome to Australian LoadMaster Trailers in South Australia

As we are busy and at the moment there is no office staff, please let the number ring tell the answering machine answers, leave a message, we will call straight back, if you call our mobile numbers please leave a message as we don't carry them round in the workshop.

please accept our apology if this effects you in anyway.

All trailers built to relevant Australian Design Rules and comply with the motor vehicle standards acts, all our trailers exceed these requirements.

  • Having been fully authorized by the Office of Regulation – Safety and Services Division of
    Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, To Manufacture Trailers in South Australia
  • All trailers are fully built-up on site, from quality steel, not just assembled from cheap imported kits.
  • Chassis 100% welded - not bolt together frames
  • Main chassis frame is Rectangular Hollow Section Steel with gusseted corners for extra strength
  • We use a minimum of 80% Australian made product, some items are no longer made in Australia
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