Coupling the Trailer

It is usual to couple the trailer to the car before it is loaded as it is easier to handle an empty trailer.

1. Prior to coupling, check the security of the towbar to the car, check the bolts holding the towbar tongue if it is removable, and check the ball is securely fixed to the towbar tongue.

2. Fit the trailer coupling over the tow ball and check that it seats properly and the locking mechanism has engaged by moving the trailer drawbar up and down. Check that the safety catch (or secondary locking mechanism) has locked.

3. Connect the trailer safety chain to the car. The safety chain should be short enough to prevent the draw bar hitting the ground if the coupling accidentally releases, yet still allowing adequate angular movement.
Connecting the safety chain from one side of the trailer drawbar to the opposite side of the towbar will assist in achieving this. Where the safety chain fitting on the car is well forward, crossing the safety chain over the top of the towbar tongue rather than underneath, will help.

4. Connect the lighting harness and check that all the trailer lights operate correctly.

5. If brakes are fitted check that these work also.