Paint & Finish

Tips to get the most out of your painted trailer

  • This is why we should galvanize trailers, they will most probably outlast its owner, however they are more expensive.
  • When storing your trailer outside always have the front of it raised so as to allow any water to run out .
  • Jockey wheels are good for this also. If this can’t be done, then drill some drain holes into the floor.
  • We recommend either requesting that the R.H.S. chassis be fully welded upon ordering your trailer, or, as a cheaper option, run a gap filler along the R.H.S. where it meets the side panels as well as along the inside where the sides meet the floor. These option can be ordered with all trailers.
  • All rusted-out trailers tend to have holes in these spots, as that's where it starts first. The water gets trapped in any small tight spot where the paint can’t penetrate.
  • If possible, cover the trailer with a cheap plastic tarp & in turn use this for covering your loads.
  • If you scratch it, touch it up. We sell touch up paint.
  • Don't lend it to anyone, it could come back broken ???