Routine Checks

Routine Checks
(At first use or after 'wheel off' maintenance.)

1. After traveling about 100Km check the wheel nuts with a tension wrench and re-tension (in the appropriate sequence - see Figure 1.) if necessary.
a) After traveling about 200Km carefully 'touch test' the hub/drum just behind the grease cap for excessive heat. It should be slightly warm to the touch at most.
b) There should be no significant difference in temperature between hubs/drums.
c) Check for ease of wheel rotation to ensure brakes are not dragging or binding.

2. A noticeably hot hub/drum indicates one of the following conditions are present:(CAUTION braked axles may be hot after going down long hills or slopes or after a few stops and starts)
a) Not enough grease in bearing/incorrect grease/grease water damaged (emulsified)
b) Bearing retaining nut too tight.
c) Brake stuck on or dragging or otherwise incorrectly set up or adjusted.

1. Should any of the above conditions be identified, check and re-grease, adjust or repair as appropriate.
2. Failure to correct the above conditions at the earliest opportunity may cause damage to the axle, bearings, hub or drum assembly and may lead to fire or an accident